XDM 9mm optic


Can anyone recommend a reflex sight that is a good platform for the above weapon?

Welcome to the forum ZuluHotel, have a good time exploring. Is much to read, see and enjoy here.

When it comes to electronics, electronic sights in particular, many things can happen quickly. New and improved can basically become old in a heartbeat. Can be difficult to keep up with. Many reflex type sights or red dots can fit multiple handguns with appropriate adapter plates. Some sights do fit w/o adapter plates though.

Will post a few of reviews to show you. For example, the 1st review is fairly good and interesting with a good general info and examples. But, slightly newer WASP review is dated in July the other Dragonfly review in February. The 1st review or it's info soon became somewhat "dated" in February and July when the 2nd and 3rd reviews were posted of the Springfield HEX Wasp and Dragonfly.

Keep in mind, some good general info is sometimes seldom dated. Also if products were good when manufactured, they likely still are. There are many choices depending on what a persons needs and purposes may be. Good luck on your search!

1st Review:


HEX Dragonfly: