xdm osp holster

I have a new xdm elite 3.8 compact .45 w/dragonfly optics. Having difficulty finding a iwb holster, does anybody know of any manufactures?

I have the exact same pistol, minus the red dot. I use the "Reckoning" from Crossbreed Holsters. It can be changed between IWB/OWB and it is cut for optics. I only carry it in IWB form and it is extremely comfortable. It's also sold as a Springfield exclusive on Springfield's website, so if you haven't used your One Time Discount they give when you register your firearm with Springfield you can use that to purchase it and save a few bucks.

Trying to attach some pics but the forums are having some issues tonight it seems. If you want to message me i'd be happy to send you some pics so you can see what it looks like.
I have a crossbreed super tuck and Reckoning in horsehide. I believe right now crossbreed is running a 20% off sale as well.

Both are fantastic holsters.
Highly recommended