Your CCW 1911? Ronin 4.25"

I really wish Springfield Armory would stop making awesome looking firearms 😡 it makes me want another gun. 😎 just kidding. That is a beautiful weapon. I love my SA 1911 RO in 45ACP and all though I haven’t put a lot of rounds through it I do find it well balanced and incredibly easy to shoot for an all steel gun. That being said the look of the Ronin Operator in 9mm, 4.25 barrel and still the full size frame has me thinking where can I find one.
Great article Mike.
I really liked the look of the Ronin when it came out. Enough so that I added it to my list of guns to buy. But, I was looking at getting a 4.25 inchnext. Then Springfield Armory did it. They released the short barrel Ronin.

I didn't think they would be in stock, but they were. Now I'm just waiting on a call from my FFL to come pick up my Springfield Armory 4.25 inch 9mm and 45 Ronins.
Hello, would this new Springfield Armory Ronan 4.25 be Calif. compliant?
More than likely, no. Even if it was exactly the same as another model, they have to pay the states extortion, I mean "safety" test fee and pay to place it on the list.

If you want to have all the new toys available to you, support the California Rifle and Pistol Association in their lawsuits against the state of California.

I don't live their anymore, but still send money to them to fight the tyranny.