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    Deleting a hilarious video link!

    @Keystone19250, hey buddy, you never told me you were related to "Weird Al" Yankovic Is he your brother or your sister?
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    Happy 10/22 Day!

    I've got my Browning lever 22 that I bought new in 75, it's in much better condition than I am.
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    Happy 10/22 Day!

    And if it is 40 years old, just think of how freaking old YOU are! :cool:
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    😂😏Jokes 2.0🧐🤣

    Aye maty! :LOL:
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    Just wonder how many people shot their own hand while racking the slide? :cool:
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    John Wick's Mustang

    No kind of Ford fan here! I'll take Dom's Charger from Fast and Furious.
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    Stay away from bad areas, that means I can't leave my house. I live close to a cesspool of humanity, I walk out the door ready to shoot first. I stand as an armed guard so my wife can go to the grocery store or pharmacy. Why? Because I'm on disability that does not pay enough to save a penny...
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    What's that in your pocket? Does size matter?

    I carry my 38 in my pocket, it is my BUG, I also have my main weapon which is either my 9mm or my 1911 depending on where I'm going.
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    Proof Joe Biden & Kamala Harris back Gun Confiscation

    Got me thinking....Harris stated that congress would have to enact gun control withen 100 days, or SHE would enact executive action. Uhh....isn't it the president that has to enact executive actions. Pelosi will get her ammended 25th and poor old Joe will be history on day 2 of his presidency...
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    6. Do stop by the range and shoot a few mags. on the way. You wont be so hungry to buy everything in sight if you have the smell of gun smoke in your nose. Like eating a sandwich before going to the grocery. :cool: 🤦‍♂️
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    Plunge routers

    I have an OLDDD Craftsman that belonged to my Grandfather, still runs, but I wouldn't want to try using it, the cobwebs would catch on fire! :cool: :cool:
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    Plunge routers

    Porter Cable is my choice by all measures. Milwaukee USED to be a great company, but since they were bought out by the Chinese, their quality has dropped dramatically. All tools are made in China now, but PC is still owned and design controlled by Americans. Festool is supposed to be the best...
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    What’s the Best Distance to Zero A Hunting Rifle?

    I always hunted on local farms in Ky. I always went up there in August to look over the trails and judge the population and would sight my rifles in according to the terrane. My lever action and muzzle loader were sighted for 100 yds because most of my hunting was in the woods and had a max shot...
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    penetration predictions

    357 and 10mm, hell man, I read the title of this thread and just came to watch! :cool: :p:LOL::LOL::LOL:
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    Let’s See Those Fancy Mail Boxes.

    I used to have this one when I had a home. :(