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    SA 1911 Opinions: Garrison vs. Loaded

    Love my Tisas from SDS Imports.
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    How the US military adopted the legendary .45 ACP cartridge

    The book titled "The Guns of John Moses Browning" give a better account than the article discussed of how the 1911 was born
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    H. R 1808

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    Outdoor Survival Knives

    Ergonomics are a major factor as well as blade shape and other factors. Steel is just one factor
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    Outdoor Survival Knives

    There is no "best". There are some better suited than others. For instance a Nesmuk knife is better suited for woodsmanship than a karambit. A Ka-bar can be effective depending on the model or modifications done to the profile of the blade. There are a host of factors to think about such as...
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    H. R 1808

    If you're interested, a way to contact your reps. This is through the NSSF https://cqrcengage.com/nssf/app/onestep-write-a-letter?0&engagementId=514483
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    Buffalo Bore Ammo

    I was looking at their 45 ACP. and have been seriously considering them
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    New ink

    I've got some cichlids and cat fish that I like. I'd like to do a native tank and keep some native fish for a bit
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    New ink

    He passed last year. Finally did something for him since then. Miss him everyday
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    I have a Glock. It's a tool and nothing more (to me) but I also have a 1911 and a SAA revolver clone and I LOVE those guns. The 1911 is my primary carry gun
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    New ink

    Got some memorial ink to honor my boy, Odin. The paw is the same size as his and the nail imprints are the same. It was copied from a paw impression after he passed away. In the toes it reads "O-D-I-N"
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    How long until we run out ?

    Run out?? How many trillions in the hole are we?
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    Interesting points

    I've been listening to Paul a lot lately and he brings up some interesting points.
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    5.56 vs. 300 BLK: Which Do You Need?

    I've never felt safe with 5.56. always felt it was too anemic at distances especially with our M4
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    5.56 vs. 300 BLK: Which Do You Need?

    For the military an "effective range" is that plus being able to kill your enemy at that distance as well. So, reliably kill an enemy from, for example say, 300 yards