1911 issues

  1. S

    Ambi Safety on Elite Operator 1911 not working properly out of the box

    Hey guys. New here. Just bought brand new a Springfield Armory RO Elite Operator 10mm 1911 the other day. Love it (don't love the feed issues from the shitty mags that come with it though). I ordered new chip mccormick(?) mags to hopefully fix the problem of hollowpoints/flat nose rounds...
  2. Dadavis93

    Compact 1911 using hollow points

    a few months back I got a really good deal on a springfield 1911 micro 45 up until recently I have only put fmj through it. I've started carrying it a little more now and I decided to feed it some hollow points which is where my question comes in no matter the brand it will not cycle hollow...