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    Porting an EMT

    Anyone who has actual experience with porting an EMP4 who can comment on whether it makes a difference for them in accuracy at 25 yards or felt recoil? I’m thinking of doing this but don’t have any stats on the improvement in performance if any. It voids the warranty! Please just comment on...
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    LH Holster for EDC

    I need a comfortable, safe and concealable LH holster for EDC that works with an EMP4 LW Champion 9mm. I've tried a number of IWB holsters that promise comfort but fall well short of the mark. I also don't think that a lot of retention is necessary in this category of holster, since it can...
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    1911 EMP4 CC Feed Issue

    A few month's ago I bought a 1911 EMP® CHAMPION™ CONCEALED CARRY CONTOUR 9MM and because of scheduling issues wasn't able to shoot it until a few month's after. In doing so I had a slide/feed issue after every shot. Took it to the vendor I bought it from, they oiled it up and using their ammo it...