1. N

    XD MOD 2 Night Sights help

    Can anyone recommend good night sights for a XD mod 2?
  2. F

    Novak sights - why?

    Why are Novak sights still being put on pistols intended for combat use? Since their introduction I have never been a fan of Novak sights. That snag free ramp rear sight is the problem. The problem being that it is too snag free. I was taught that you may need to be able to operate your...
  3. LicensedToPill

    Ronin Aftermarket Night Sights

    Hey guys! I’m interested in buying the 1911 Ronin Operator .45 ACP at some point in the future, and I would want to change out the stock sights for Truglo Tritium Night Sights. The issue I’m having are the dovetail cut dimensions and the heights on the front and rear sights. I reached out to...