.380ACP Verses 9mm Luger Ammo Comparisons


While improvements have been made in the .380 JHP performance, the best .380 load still can’t compare to the best 9mm loads, even out of fairly similar length barrels/size pistols.

Don’t get me wrong, I do carry a .380, but I also accept its limitations...and I don’t carry JHP’s; flat nosed FMJ’s.


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Living in a relatively low-crime area I've been carrying the EZ 380 a lot more lately. Heck, sometimes I might even have the M&P 22 Compact on me if I've been just hanging around the house/yard and have to run into town for something. When I go out of town I carry a 9mm.
I have 250 rounds of 380 I bought pre Covid I’m afraid to use any 😂

I carry 380, and 9. I think 380 is perfect albeit everyone loves to argue “what if” a 380 has a lower chance of over penetrating, which is actually a good thing from a lawyers perspective.

I carry Hornady critical defense in my Lcp2 when I can.


I frequently pocket carry a Ruger LCP II when exercising outdoors. For me, the most important aspect of any .380 ACP ammo is how well it runs in my gun. I own several .380's, and all of them are at least a little ammo picky. My LCP II and my Springfield 911 Alpha (my two commonly carried .380's) will both fire any round or flat-nosed FMJ ammo, but both have certain JHP loads that they don't run reliably. While I know that it is probably one of the lower-ranking JHP rounds, the budget Academy store brand Monarch JHP rounds run perfectly in both guns. If I carry JHP in my guns, it will almost always be the Monarch because reliability is more important to me than ballistics.