7.62 NATO vs. .308: Is There a Difference?

Would be great to actually find one of those Saint Victors in 308...nothing but vapor ware for months now! Shame marketing and operations cannot get on the same page...

They’re out there...one of my LGS’s had one when I was there a week or so ago.

Here’s 3 of them:


I am not any of those sellers, or affiliated; posted for informational purposes only.
Appreciate the ray of hope...should have qualified that I have seen these on gun broker. Sadly the auctions I have followed the firearms sold for more than 2k...just can’t afford that much right now. thanks for the reply
Shawn_P, that's probably going to be about the price anywhere you might find one for the next little while. MSRP's mean little in this current market, and prices from a year ago+ even less. And you've already discovered the principle of 'supply and demand'. Good luck!
The author of this magazine article is writing for the general public's enlightenment. The Springfield Armory M1A (and the M1 Rifle aka Garand) are special cases. They use gas-operated systems, with gas ports located at a specific distance from the chamber. I have a M1A that is more than 37 years old and the use of NATO 7.62, and not .308 Winchester, was specified in the owner's instructions. The Hornady reloading manual has separate sections for Service Rifle cartridges. The loads for Service Rifles (Battle Rifles, not the current carbines) use specific powders (and hard military primers) to insure that the pressure at the gas port is such that the operating mechanism does not overload the design limits......such as bending the operating rod.