9mm Suppressor

What is the quietest most accurate suppressor for a Springfield 9mm XDm Elite?
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The quietest suppressor for a particular firearm is irrelevant as every suppressor has a specific measure of decibel reduction and it's not defined by a particular firearm as much as it's more likely impacted by the type of firearm, such as using a suppressor on a semi auto will have a higher decibel rating than using a suppressor on a bolt action firearm.

The XDm Elite is a blowback firearm like most semi auto pistols on the market so using a suppressor on multiple different blowback semi autos would show a negligible difference between them in sound reduction.

Suppressors are an awesome tool when paired with the right ammo combination. I've found that using my 9mm Rugged Obsidian suppressor with 150gr Federal Syntech subsonic 9mm ammo I get an amazing reduction in sound and it still hits damn hard with the slower moving bullet because heavier weight than a more commonly used 115gr bullet.
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There are SOOO many variables. Simply moving to subsonic ammo for instance makes a big difference, size, I you don’t allow the slide to cycle etc. better question is what are you going to do with it. Are you storming the sands of Iwo Jima with it, or do you want the ability for multi caliber use, maybe full auto, is size or weight the most important?

For me, I chose the Yankee Hill R9.
1. Availability of a host of mounting options, I have a Tri-lug, 1/2x28, 5/8x24, and a nelson piston device.
2. multi caliber rated anything less than 9mm diameter, 223/556, 308, 300blk, 350 legend
3. Stainless fully welded (means its heavy compared to aluminum) and non disassemblable
4. the #3 items mean it is full auto rated, and you basically can not break it. Say if you drop your gun.
5. Price was right