An M1A. 5 Days. 15K Rounds.

I bought a new M1a std model black approx 3 months ago, I fired 100 rnds and the semi auto action stopped functioning. I noticed that the gas cylinder had worked it’s way or slid forward on the barrel toward the muzzle and blocked off the gas port in the barrel. This appears to be pressed on. I had a Springfield armory bipod attached to the gas cylinder which is where it is supposed to be attached. I shipped it back to Springfield Armory for warranty repair. I’m just wondering if anyone has heard of this happening?
I've had mine since 1/7/2019 and only have shot around 700 rds through it. Don't get much time to get to the range. But this my Range setup, got a Vortex Viper 6.5-20x50 scope and a Vortex 16x48x65 spotting scope
I am happy to hear that they didn't experience any of the failures and problems that plagued my 1999 Scout Squad, that rifle required 4 warranty repairs before I shot 800 rounds through it. Problems persisted after the 4th warranty repair so I sent it to Smith Enterprise Inc., they fixed it and I have been using SEI ever since.

I hear far less complaints about the M1A these days, and that's a very good thing for everyone. Good job Springfield Armory Inc.