An Omega Man SMG? The M76 9mm

My favorite movie made from the book I am Legend. Everyone says there are 3 movies, Vincent Price, Charleton Heston , and Will Smith, but they all forget the made for tv movie I am Omega staring Mark Decasacos. But, it was probably fairly forgettable...
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I have a MK760 that is a knockoff of the Model 76 built in the 80's. I purchased from a Class 111 dealer and it came with 22 Magazines. Unfired condition. Any idea what something like this is worth today?
Ive also seen M76 in Tour of Duty Vietnam TV serial on H&I Sat eve PM, rarely seen sInce Omega Man in 70s seen lots of M1 carbines used too ( Charlies Angels) Love to Rent 1 to shoot
I carried the Swedish K for a short time during my tour of duty in Viet Nam. It was ok but a bit too heavy and found a better fit with a Car 15. Lighter and a better round to shoot. I purchased the MK 760 for nostalgia but never got around to firing it.
While being a cop, our department had two Thompson machine guns. They were consecutively numbered and in the presentation cases both guns and drum magazines and straight magazines with them. Our range officer, in 1976, traded those two guns for three S&W M76. I still wake up in the middle of the night screaming in terror, after having nightmares of this sickening trade!