Anatomy of a Defensive Bullet

That article is a big tease. I can't find FMJ ammo much less bullets designed to expand in my area. Bare shelves where I live although I was lucky enough to get four 50 boxes of 9mm Syntech ammo today.
Will any 9 MM defensive bullet penetrate through today’s auto glass? Will 9MM FMJ?
My understanding of FBI protocol is that to pass they have to be able to pass through various barriers Glass being one of them. They then have to expand reliably after doing so. Todays auto glass is easy to penetrate the problems with all bullets is will it veer off from point of aim. That is one of the reasons for the FBI protocol. In order to pass bullets have to be able to do so.
My Son carries Hornady Critical Duty, which passed the FBI protocol. I chose Critical Defense instead, because of concerns with overpenetration in soft targets.
I think someone should offer up their own car as a test vehicle and let us test our favorite ammunition on the windshield. Mine doesn't have a windshield.

Plenty of tests out there if you look...