Anyone carry a Mil-Spec 1911? If so let’s talk about the pros and cons

Nope, dumped them all except for a Colt Custom Shop I need to get rid of. Now, am all Glocks. FN's and 2 9mm Hellcats I carry.

1911 was made in 1911...archaic design and outdated in our new world order.
I carry a full-sized Sig P220 Legion SAO .45 every day, with big fat sights, comparable in size and weight your milspec 1911. The weight does not bother me after 4 decades of carrying a full-sized revolver or pistol for duty. Chances are I will never need it for personal combat, but if I do, I want a pistol that will get the job done. From time to time an uninitiated person at the range will point out to me that my hammer is cocked. "Yes, it is", I will say, as I go about my business.

As far as magazine capacity, I am happy with 7+1 or 8+1 plus reloads. As Jeff Cooper once said on the subject of magazine capacity, "How often do you intend to miss?" Magazine capacity is no substitute for marksmanship. And the physics of those fat bullets is undeniable.

I have a Colt Commander and a Gold Cup, and a SA 1911 Professional is my Grail carry gun. I would probably carry the Commander except for the sights. My only complaint about the older stock 1911's is that the sights are too small for my old eyes, but that can be changed.
i have a Colt M1911A1 circa 1945. I open carry when hunting, or under cover when weather is inclement under my jacket in a shoulder rig. As an EDC it is a bit big and a bit heavy for my liking. My 2 EDCs that I use regularly are my Hellcat or a Ruger LC9S
Top concern for me is the sights if it is a true mil-spec 1911 and next is weight. They wouldn't be issues when I was younger, but that was long ago when I had a problem free back. My .45 Shield is lighter and has better sights and conceals easier than my 1911 (which has nice sights). Carry what you want, there are a bazillion choices out there, so why carry what someone else says?
I have been carrying one of my Garrisons lately but have been staying around the house, range or lease. I will also carry my EMP or Commander size more often than a full size but my primary carry would be a Plus/Hellcat. If you are comfortable then carry it.
I EDC a Springfield Garrison in .45 or my Staccato C in 9mm (just change up between the two depending on my mood). Biggest complaint for me on the Mil-Spec models - sights and beaver tail (I prefer the upswept model as opposed to the short Mil-Spec). Have a good holster (Milts Sparks Summer Special 2), good belt (Hanks Gunner) and cause I am a big feller I also wear suspenders (Original Perrys) - all that combined and have no issue with my Garrison, even in summer time. Prior to my Garrison I carried the full size 10mm RIA. Have a Nighthawk but just scared to carry that GORGEOUS unbelievable work of art everyday (dont want to scratch it, lol).
I no longer can carry my 1911 handguns, as my very fused back and neck cannot tolerate that much weight on my hip. I used to. However, another thing to figure is that my Colts are too valuable to lose to a police department should I have to use them in a fight.
My 1911 is a Garrison. Too big and heavy, but I love 45 ACP. For my EDC I now use an XD-S Mod 2 45 ACP and HoneyBadger for ammo. Works for me.