Anyone carry a Mil-Spec 1911? If so let’s talk about the pros and cons

Last week I traded one of my polymers for a lightly used Springfield Mil-Spec. Even trade so that was a major plus. So I did the usual and took it to shoot a day after I got it, it ran flawlessly without any problems. Both ball ammo and hollow points cycled reliably. Decided on 2 “upgrades” and only 2, and they were the grips, and a full length Wilson Combat guid rod and flat wire recoil spring. Took it out to shoot with the new guide rod and spring yesterday and had the same results, no failures at all.

So I got to thinking, why not carry it every now and then, since it’s pretty dependable and the fact that I like bigger handguns. I know I’ll be giving up capacity but 7+1 rounds of 45 is more than enough. And as Top used to say in my Army days “whether you have 10 rounds or 30, it doesn’t matter if you can’t hit s###”. My holster finally came in, got one from Relentless Tactical, and for $30 I got a leather holster of the highest quality I’ve seen. It’s thick, comfortable, and beautiful as well.

So guys tell me your pro and cons in carrying the Mil-Spec, heck any 1911 in that case, I love to hear what you all have to say.
Th@tGuy, Check out my remarks on the post “is the 1911 still popular” and read the comments and see what you think. I think it’s awesome that the 1911 is working well for you. Don’t let anyone tell you that the 1911 is not a viable option anymore. My remarks will provide you with more information on my experiences with the 1911.
Yep. Tisas import, govt model. I carry in a 1791 OWB. Bastard's heavy especially compared to my Glock 19

I've been carrying my Tisas Tanker, the commander sized model, on occasion to get used to it. It's size is comparable to my G19 and seems only a few ounces heavier when both are loaded.

I have carried my full sized Springfield Fully Loaded off and on for years, but only in winter during heavy coat weather because I find the full size 1911 somewhat difficult to conceal well, and face it, they are heavy.

TISAS M1911A1 Tanker 66.JPG
Taurus 1911 with accessory rail in a leather iwb and two extra mags, ( all Chip McCormick ss 8 round). Carried for years but recently lost a bunch of weight, (down to 165 lbs from 245lbs) and it just doesn't sit on my hip like it use to. Going to look at something else soon. Until weight loss wouldn't be caught outside the house without it.