Are the XD (45) & the Hellcat Pro considered "Drop Safe" ??


But (as I was taught) if you do drop a gun—never try and catch it.

The odds are much greater of an unintended discharge by grabbing it than if it hits the ground.
I worked with a gentleman who's son came home from hunting in the woods behind his house. He took the Ruger 1st Gen. Blackhawk 44 out of his holster, sat it upon the table and took off his coat, knocking the revolver off the table. It is not entirely clear if the revolver was cocked or not but dad swears his son would not have the hammer back.

The gun fell and instinctively he stuck his foot out to soften the fall. The revolver went off when it hit the floor blowing a hole in his sole and then shattered his collar bone. In a very freak addition to an already freak incident a piece of the collar bone pierced his aorta and he dang near bled to death before his wife, a nurse got there to stem the bleeding.

True? Cannot swear to it all, but I do know the dad had gotten an emergency call at work, I was his supervisor, and had to run to the hospital.