Arizona To Ban Trail Cameras?

I don’t hunt anymore either, but when I deer hunted I used a S&W 629, iron sights and walked, no camera or blinds, now this is my opinion here, I really don’t think it matters how you hunt, as long as you make a quick humane kill, to me, this is most important.
Agree. Quick humane kill, perpetrator or beast.

JOKE JOKE! Now I know that if ever a self defense scenario arose for me, this post would find its way into litigation.
Is the way it should be everywhere.
In some states no trespassing/no hunting signs need to be clearly posted in bright colors during any hunting season.

I can see straying on a direct neighbors land to a degree by mistake or tracking a wounded animal from time to time in some situations, but not as a steady pursuit. People should know their own property, state land and that of neighbors boundaries before hunting. Knowing the land is part of hunting.
Anyone with a lick of sense, and particularly anyone with a firearm should know not to set foot on private land without permission except in an emergency.