Ayoob: Don’t Make These Carry Gun Mod Mistakes


I'm trying to imagine a scenario where a magazine disconnect saved someone who wasn't doing something stupid's life.
i can see it putting an officer, or a civilian for that matter, in danger should they accidentally hit the mag release button during an altercation and are now in possession of a weapon that will not fire. That's probably why the FBI and a lot of other agencies do not issue guns that have them.

That said, altering or removing a safety device on any firearm is a big no-no as far as I'm concerned. Learn to properly operate your gun or get a different one, as HayesGreener says.


Gun grabs and officers being shot with their own gun is a big concern. Doesn't happen so much any more due to Level III holsters but it does still happen. If you are in a struggle for the gun and think you might lose hitting the mag release renders the gun so it can't be used against you. ISP documented such instances and one of my officers dropped the mag from her s&w 669 when a very large guy got hold of it and broke the holster right off her gun belt. It was a feature that many PD's insisted upon in the 80's and 90's and some still do. It all comes down to the training and conditioning.
Thank you for your feedback.

It is interesting that Novak’s sells as part of it’s P-35 line, BHP w/o the mag disconnect. http://www.novaksinc.com/custom-bhp-packages.html

Furthermore, should someone have to be in court, would they not call as many PD or Sheriff Office heads to ask why a mag disconnect is not standard with their dept. Maybe the LEO head where Mr./Ms DA is from?

Just thought it was interesting topic that there were agencies (FBI?) that set precedents w/o the mag disconnect.

If I had to carry, my best choice is the M1911, which I had been handling since age 10 (military WW2 veteran uncles were great!) and I qualified with as a USMC MP Officer in the 80’s.
Would the changing of a Beretta 92's safety/decocker to a decocker only amount to the removal of a safety? Beretta now markets the accessory kit for anyone who wants to do this. I'm willing to bet the answer is to buy a decocker only gun from the factory.


One single example. That's all I'm saying. Thousands of legitimate self defense shootings. Just one example of a trigger job or trigger mod getting an otherwise lawful SD shooter in trouble with a prosecutor.
I have the utmost respect for Mr. Ayoob and consider him an undisputed expert in firearms history, design, and usage. That being said, it is not unreasonable to require experts to provide their sources. The following is not legal advice, and is merely a summary of my own personal experiences.

I worked my way through law school as a police officer in Texas. I have almost two decades of police experience, and one decade of experience practicing law. In that time, I have yet to see any legal modification of a lawfully-owned firearm ever being successfully used to prove negligence in a defensive shooting. I have asked fellow officers and attorneys to inform me if they ever obtain personal knowledge about a case of this nature. I am still waiting for a specific example to be cited.

I am by no means saying that cases like Mr. Ayoob describes are never filed in courts across the country, and several factors have limited my research. All of my legal and law enforcement experience has occurred in Texas, which is admittedly more gun-friendly than many areas of the country. The overwhelming majority of criminal cases are tried at the County Court level, and specific details of lower-level criminal cases are rarely published for review. A large percentage of civil cases are resolved through out-of-court settlements, the terms of which are rarely disclosed.

I follow firearm-related cases out of professional and personal interest. It is not my intention to demean anyone who follows Mr. Ayoob's advice, which I find to be both intelligent and sensible. I would genuinely appreciate it if anyone with personal knowledge of any legal action like Mr. Ayoob describes in his article would share the details with me. Like Bassbob, I am merely respectfully seeking some type of documentation or other evidence regarding cases of this nature.