Ayoob: Why You’re Wrong About the XD

Clearly, someone needs to make a "Grip Zone" meme and share it with the members here :LOL:

I'm happy with the XD Mod.2 3" (in 9mm) I've carried for 4-5 years now. I've shot it a lot and still haven't worn off the grip zone texturing.

My XDM Elite Tactical OSP is awesome, too. When I want to pretend I know how to shoot, I activate the Hex Dragonfly optic and let her run.

Both have eaten a lot of all kinds of ammo and haven't experienced a malfunction that couldn't be blamed on the operator.

XD for the win!

(But I really want to try a Walther PDP; some folks keep saying they are the gold standard)
My XDm full size 10mm is no doubt a fine pistol, but it does not fit me well...
The rear sight was immediately replaced with a standard three dot and it did not make much difference in my performance with the gun.
I have normal sized hands and the grip feels unnatural and non-ergonomic. I would need a couple extra fingers to grip the full length of the grip and the squarish shape does not help.
As you can guess, my accuracy with this pistol is terrible. It seems to bring out the worst in the 10mm Auto cartridge.
I have lots of polymer pistols in various calibers and both steel and plastic 10mm versions and suffer none of these issues with them. I'll keep it until I can get it to work for me, or pass it on to someone who can master the thing.
The gun is reliable and functions with all kinds of ammo and it shows no significant signs of wear after 500+ rounds. The trigger is a little notchy, as Mr. Ayoob stated, but that is not a bad thing.
Flame me if you want, but I'll bet there has been a pistol somewhere along the line that did not fit you well...
I love my xd mod2 subcompact 13+1 45. It’s my EDC and if it’s in on my belt I feel naked. This beauty is by far the EDC I have had the pleasure to carry over 45+years of carrying. Sure wish y’all would bring it back as I’d love to 5 more to give to grandkids who are closing on on being of carry age. SEMPER FI
Hello all, here is today's article posted on TheArmoryLife.com. It is titled “Ayoob: Why You’re Wrong About the XD” and can be found at https://www.thearmorylife.com/ayoob-why-youre-wrong-about-the-xd/.

Master Massad hits the nail on the head abour the XDs...I have the Sub- compact 9mm and absolutely love shooting it. Very accurate, a bit on the large size for EDC, but I'm very glad I purchased it. Would love to get the Hellcat as my next EDC. Im a 3yr old gun owner at 64 and obsessed with finding the best personal protection for me 😄
During the past 65 years, I have had the opportunity to own several and operate many more handguns. None, including H&K's have topped my XD's (XD Mod 2 in .40 S&W, XDE in 9mm and the XDM Elite in 9mm. They are all fine pieces and none have malfunctioned yet.

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Finally, I find another XD-E owner. I can't see why they stopped making it. They could have reworked it to use something like the Hellcat magazine and it would sell very well, I believe.
I have had mine for (I think) 5 years now, and to me, it is close to the perfect carry pistol. The DA/SA means that I can draw and shoot DA if I need to, as I always carry with a round in the chamber. The fact that the DA trigger pull is about 9# means I'm not going to let off a round upon draw accidentally, and if the situation allows, I can cock the trigger manually to use the 4# SA trigger pull. Match the XD-E with a Veridian green laser and you have (IMHO) close to a perfect carry pistol. The only thing that I think would make it better would be the Hellcat's magazine.
Hello all, here is today's article posted on TheArmoryLife.com. It is titled “Ayoob: Why You’re Wrong About the XD” and can be found at https://www.thearmorylife.com/ayoob-why-youre-wrong-about-the-xd/.

I've owned an XD for several years in .45 ACP, and because of its performance, purchased two XDS pistols, one in 9mm and one in .45. I normally carry the .45. All 3 of those pistols are extremely accurate and reliable. I purchased many years ago a brand new 1911 frame and slide, and completed building my own a couple of winters ago, If it was not for that, I would own a Springfield 1911 as well.
For those that dislike or down right hate XD, XDM's that is your prerogative. I hate Glocks. Does that make me or you wrong? NO, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. And that is why there are so many different plastic look alike pistols on the market. If everyone had the same size hands, grip or liked just one gun the world would be a very boring place.
I have the Springfield xdm-e 3.8 in 45acp. I think I've found my forever concealed carry piece. Always wanted to carry 45acp but not a 1911 and not a fan of Glock. This piece fills the bill in every department.
I have an XDM Sub-compact in .40 S&W. When I would rapid-fire it, my thumb would creep down after 4-5 shots, hit the mag release button & eject the mag. I resolved this by using some JB Weld to form a small shelf as a thumb rest. After forming the thumb rest, I colored it black with a Sharpie. It all looks original now. That solved my problem with the mag falling out during a string of fired rounds.

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Thank you for your indulgence,

You misspelled H&K, sir.

I've had the XD Mod 2 subcompacts in 9mm and .45acp for years. They carry great and shoot great too. I don't carry them much anymore, but they are two pistols that I will always have. Love those XD's.

I have a XD MOD-2 Compact in 9mm and a 5 inch Tactical in 9mm and both have been flawless.
The only issue I have is the compact is bit large to carry without some printing
I just haven't found the right rig yet or I may just have to get something smaller.
What brand pistol is in your photo here? Nice looking firearm, I like that!
It is the XDM Elite OSP, threaded Barrel. Cerakoted the slide FDE and changed the sights. The front Suppressor Sight was too tall for my holsters. Also added the Crimson Trace RDS. I absolutely love shooting with the RDS!

It is the same pistol as my Profile Pic, pre improvements!


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