Battle of the 1911's: TRP vs. Emissary

I have the Emissary and I love it. I've never shot the TRP but I'm sure it's great too. The main difference I notice between these two is that the TRP doesn't have a pic rail (but I believe the Operator version does) and the Emissary doesn't have an ambi-safety. I'd take the pic rail over the ambi-safety any day (unless I was left handed of course) so my vote definitely goes to the Emissary.
I personally have a TRP Pro. I love the gun, even if it took several men and a bulldozer to rack it in the begining. All things considered I still go back to my old carry gun due to the fact I have shot many many rounds through it and there is no thought process, it is just natural. As long as it is around I will use it over the Pro even though I shoot just as well with both.
Great comparison. This ought to help someone narrow down the best fit for their need. I'm a TRP guy. But I'd pick up the Emissary in a heartbeat, ...its a Springfield! I appreciate the aggressiveness of the TRP front strap checking. The flared magwell makes quick reloads easier for a clumsy guy. I just don't see how you can improve upon the trigger. I don't run lights or lasers so rails aren't necessary. Its a heckuva shooter.
The TRP is my favorite. The Emissary’s G10 grips, and the overall look turn me off. The TRP looks like a traditional 1911.
I’m don’t like the two piece guide rod, like on my older stainless Loaded, which necessitates a tool to field strip the weapon. I realized if the guide rod was about 3/16” shorter it wouldn’t need to be unscrewed, so I cut about 3/16” off the back half of the guide rod, screwed them together with red locktite. Now I have the benefits (if any) of a full length guide Rod, with the ease of a traditional guide rod.
As I said at the beginning, the TRP gets my vote.
I appreciate the traditional 1911s as well which is one of the reasons I have the S.A. Mil Spec 1911 in stainless steel. However, there is something to be said for the modern look and custom features of the Emissary. It reminds me of something from a Terminator movie or a G.I. Joe cartoon. The thin grenade style grips, u-notch sights, pic rail, flat trigger, squared trigger guard, etc. Plus, it shoots like a dream. I have considered the T.R.P. operator also. Both great pistols.
I have the Emissary compact and it is my EDC gun. I like the fact it has the shorter barrel and still holds 8 in the magazine. Also the bull barrel with no bushing was a selling point for me. Kind of wish the compact still had the picatinny rail, but I do like the single sided safety for carry purposes.
I just got the Emissary and love it! I have had Kimbers in the past but the look and features of the SA Emissary got my attention. I did add a Hogue rubber slide on finger grip because I like wider grips. It shoots so smooth and accurately.
That said, the TRP is one fine pistol. I'd be happy with either! 🤙
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Strictly Team TRP. Best shooting 1911 I’ve ever owned. Love the fit, feel and function. Unlike the author, I don’t care for flat triggers on 1911s, and the squared off trigger guard went out of vogue on that platform years ago.

While I have 2 TRPs, one stainless, the other is the older ArmoryKote finish. Whatever that actually is.

Love em both!
I have a Emissary 5", like it so-so. Like I said in another post I traded a TRP for what I don't remember. I've done a considerable amount of trading over the years and trading the TRP was a bad mistake. I don't think Springfield offers the adjustable sighted model anymore. IfI could find one I'd trade the Emissary for it in a heart beat.
I'll never part with my TRP...

TRP - VZ.jpeg
i want both as well
i ordered a loaded on sunday
she does not understand, there is never enough pistols, just like ammo you cant place a number on STUFF :love:
i have to wait till wife cools down a bit to order HER a garrison or the emissary :love:
I bought Mrs Greener a really nice shotgun for her birthday a few years back. She didn't really want one and has never fired it, but what could she say? I have shot a few rounds of skeet with it to break it in for her....