Beat the Adrenaline — Light Speed Laser Shooting

Better than the E-series...I carry the XD-s with Viridian's Reactor R5 ECR (Extra Combat Readiness) instant-on laser. No button to hit. Mounts to the rail just like the E-series. Has a magnetic on/off switch. My Alien holster is made for this combination, and has a magnet button built into the kydex.

When the magnet is next to the laser, it turns off.

When there is no magnet next to the laser, it turns on. In other words...draw, and it lights on its own. By the time the muzzle clears my holster, the laser is on. No thought required.

Place dot.
Pull trigger.
Make hole(s).

The R5 can be had either in green (mine), or red. You can set it for steady-on, or flashing. My green is VERY visible even in full daylight. I've checked it through my patio door (glass), across the patio, across the driveway, and onto my garage stone wall. 40 yards, full daylight...totally visible. I run it on flashing - more battery life (I change them once a year; my first set went two years before dying), and it jumps out more to my old eyes. And, if it doesn't light (which is why I change it in half the time it takes it to die)...I have my TruGlo tritium sights.
My M&P Bodyguard 380 came with a built-in red laser, activated by buttons on both sides under the barrel which took some practice to access quickly. I found that the fastest method to activate this one is to use the support hand. My M&P Shield 9mm activates when the middle finger on the strong hand activates the CT LL-801G programmable green laser/light via a momentary button on the grip if you provide pressure when you want it (takes some practice). The green laser is visible, even in daylight, and the 100 lumens light is good enough for target identification in low light conditions.. I have the Shield RMSc on my Hellcat but would like to add a grip activated light only with same profile as the LL-801G on my M&P Shield 9mm (no wider or longer than the Hellcat). Everything I've looked at so far is too long, too wide, or both for concealment than I would like. Given time, I'm hoping someone will make one.
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I put a C/T on a SCCY CPX 2 and used a bore sight laser to set it at 25 feet. It activates when you grip the pistol. After verifying it at the range, it's now my wife's CCW pistol. 147 gr JHP's give it some punch, and 2 mags give her 21 get out of trouble cards to play.