Behind the Scenes — Nightforce Optics Factory Tour

Yep, been to that facility when I was stationed up river from Orofino.

NF is a good employer for a town that's seen it's better days.

Don't have a Nightforce scope (too $$) but have used their rings.
BTW - In looking at the aerial pic of their facility the river in the background is the Clearwater River, and the Lewis& Clark Expedition floated down it to the Snake River, then Columbia on their way to the Pacific. They put in from their winter camp in Kamiah, ID. Other than portages they were water-borne the whole way to the ocean. They came back the same route & spent some time at the same place waiting for the route back across the Bitterroots to get better

Good steelhead fishing in the Clearwater depending how strong the annual run is and things should start getting better next month until spring run=off hits and makes fishing a bit more difficult. There is a salmon run but not a vigorous as the Steelhead one.