Best 6 Handguns for Bear Country

adam sr

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I have a S&W 460 with a scope. If you are using just it to hunt bear with (I did) good choice. But if it is just for a trip in the woods or a second gun when hunting I think its too big. A smaller gun would be better to carry less weight and if you are going to shoot a bear that is about to attack you a smaller gun would be easier to get out and the bear would be close to you so a longer barrel would only hinder you. Just my thoughts.


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I have carried large frame revolver and semi-autos as bear medicine in Alaska. Used my Dan Wesson 445 Supermag loaded with 300 grain hard cast loads. Last couple of years have carried Glock 20 10 MM with 6 inch barrel using Buffalo Bore rounds in a chest rig. I felt comfortable that both would take out bear if the need arose. Fortunately I did not need them. 😬


I used to spend time hunting rattle snakes in East Ky mountains. I always carried a Super Blackhawk 44magnum, just in case of a bear or mountain lion. Saw a few bears over the years but never had an encounter with any. Only real action my Blackhawk saw was a few Whitetail Deer in the 80s and 90s. Always wanted to get a bear, but just never got the chance.