Bianchi Model 175 Shenandoah Holster Review

Nice looking holster and good review. Firearm retention is very important, especially if you work in law enforcement and armed security. If you work in the business long enough you'll encounter situations where a bad guy or drunk reaches for your firearm. It's common to get back splash when you pepper spray a bad guy which many times affects your ability to practice good firearm retention. Controlling drunks, people with mental issues, etc,, when you have duty gear on, is hard work.

Having a holster that keeps the firearm close to the body where you can use your elbows to help with retention, is important.

One of the things you run into sometimes with firearm retention is that with duty firearms with barrels 3.75 or longer the firearm has to sit lower in the waist to be able to clear the barrel when drawing it, if you're an average sized person(it's not usually an issue if you're close to 6 feet or taller).

The lower the firearm sits on your waist the harder it is to use your elbows to retain it. Having a firearm that sits securely in a holster but is also easy to access is a good balance. Good holsters are worth the extra money you have to pay because you'll save money in the long run by having 1 holster that you use and train with.

As a civilian if you conceal your firearm properly you usually don't have to deal with the firearm retention issues that an officer in uniform has to. But it's still good to practice firearm retention drills once in a while so if it happens your body reacts instinctively and you avoid a worst case scenario of having to fight for control of your firearm.