Big Deer Live in Small Places

Sorry, just had to post this again:

Deer bed.jpg
Some of the largest bodied deer come from Aroostook County Maine.
Have to big to survive the harsh winters . Not talking antlers, talking body weight
A customer told me that he shot a 4-point buck near Superior, WI (way up north)...weighed 205lbs field-dressed. That's a big deer for being that young. Again, way up north. He might have been pulling my leg...I didn't witness it...but who brags about a 4-pointer? Just supports the theory of large deer in cold climates.
Maybe, but I know whitetails in WI are WAY bigger than even MO...let alone the little buggers in TX. The OP article listed WI as #1 for whitetail size....although I can't imagine a difference to those in MN or MI (or Canada for that matter...)...

And I don't even hunt animals anymore...just interested...and supportive. I like meat!