Bison Hunt Coming Soon?


Only bison hunting in Missouri is on game ranches. The farmer down the road from me has a buffalo. We called him Buffalo Phil. Then the old boy told me Phil was a female. Now we call him Buffalo Phyllis.
Knew a girl named Phyllis long ago, she preferred the name Phyll to Phyllis. She was a quite a red headed character and a sweetie. Sounds the same so name Phil/Phyll may still work? :)


The North American Conservation Model worked better for the American Bison, and both the Woodland and Plains subspecies are now not endangered, with hunting legal in a number of states, such as Alaska, Missouri and South Dakota, and the Canadian provinces of Saskatchewan and Alberta.
If you consider shooting buffalo who are enclosed on a game ranch, hunting, then yeah hunting is legal in Missouri. You are paying full price for that bison, that's a fact.


there was a rancher near town that had a herd of buffalo. We used to buy a bunch of meat from him. He also had "guided hunts" for them. He had an old wagon that he used to run the hunters over his ranch for a couple of days "searching" for them. Then on the last day, he took the hunters to where he knew the herd was at that time of day, and they would harvest one.

Also, I'm #9 on the list this year for a cow/calf down by Gardner. Maybe I'll get lucky. Talk about the work begins after the shot!!!!!