black rifle coffee

Owner Evan Hafer had an opportunity to defend Kyle Rittenhouse's actions and didn't. I used to support BRCC, now I won't touch it. 33 + year retired military guy. If they won't defend a clear instance of self defense (affirmed by his not guilty verdict) then I'll get coffee from https://www.beardvet.com/collections/beard-vet-excellence-coffee or https://www.invadercoffee.com/ or https://www.warpath.coffee/
All 3 are guys who support 2A. Coffee is as pricey as BRCC, better politics though.
Why should Hafer jeopardize his business over something like that ? Anything he says about Rittenhouse is irrelevant. It's not like he was in a position to help get him acquitted.

There's no shortage of people who believe that while the kid WAS defending himself he was also stupid for being there in the first place. It's not in BRCC's interest to get involved in that discussion. Especially when it wouldn't have helped Rittenhouse either way.
Rittenhouse was within his rights to do what he did: that's all that matters. The debate whether or not he should have been there, is irrelevant. It's safe to say if he was not armed and attempting to put out fires he would be dead. I know nothing about the BRCC owner discussion: that said he should not speak to anyone who wears his shirts, other than he must have good taste in coffee.. Corporations and Banks need to stop getting involved in discussions that revolve around individual citizens choices and actions. The idea that everyone has to virtue signal and clear the water to anyone but their investors is foolish. I guess BRCC owner needs to learn that lesson.
So, how does the cost of Black Rifle Coffee compare to Starbucks?
Starbucks is about $10 for 12oz and BRCC is $16 for 12oz. This does not include their special roasts. From my experience BRCC makes more robust dark roasts: never had a light roast from BRCC. I prefer Starbucks blonde roasts. They have mastered all roast types.
Thanks Core, I have never tried Starbucks but often thought they put drugs in their coffee to make it attractive. There is always a long line at their drive throughs.
If I am able, I always try to support veteran owned businesses. Fortunately I have been able to do so quite a bit and this is definitely my coffee of choice. I love their K Cups.