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Even though the Leo 1 tanks are 70'-80's era tech the Ukrainians are finding with its 105mm they can stand-off considerable distances to pick off & penetrate all Russian tanks, including T-80's without being detected due to the superior FCS and night vision, in spite of the Leo 1's older systems. The same with the 120mm Challengers, & Leo 2's.

There's no info on the use of the M1A1's in combat yet.
In fire control. the dividing line as military historian Nicholas Moran puts it, is integrated thermal sights. In the mid to late 90s It was a huge advantage to the Leo1A4s of the Danish Tank Squadron in Bosnia who decimated a Bosnian Serb tank battalion which had T-55s. They also destroyed a line of bunkers.

For years our 105mm tanks had a greater variety of rounds than the 120 initially. IMO getting anti-personnel rounds and dual purpose HEAT for the 120 moved at a snails pace.

Armor Experts Breakdown Video Of Ukrainian M2 Bradley Mauling Russian T-90M Tank​

Veteran armor experts explain the viral video showing Russia’s top tank in Ukraine getting torn-up by a Bradley Fighting Vehicle.


17 September 2023, Ukraine, Orichiw: The driver of a Bradley Fighting Vehicle (BFV) gestures in the frontline town of Orichiw.

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