Bridget’s Mistake When Facing Down a Moose


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Another good article, Bridget.

It seems that many people forget how dangerous and unpredictable wild animals can be. Since you spend a lot of time in the animal's environment, it is very good that you understand that you need to be prepared to defend yourself. Good that you didn't have to use it, but also good that you had your 10mm handy "just in case."


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Good article. My son has lived in Alaska for over 15 years and has numerous interactions with moose. Most people just don't realize the size of the moose. Son once walked out of his house to go to work as a truck driver to feel a warm breath on his neck. A large bull was right behind him. He dropped his lunch and jumped into the back of his pick up. To add insult to injury the moose proceeded to eat his lunch including his banana. He waited until it lost interest and left but ended up being late for work. :)