Bridget’s Stalker Meets Her SAINT

Well done Bridget! I tell my friends and neighbors here in Virginia anyone who lives in a conceal carry state and doesn't carry is not only a fool they also remove themselves from the group that can complain about the local chapter of MS13 smashing up their house or worse, killing everything in that house. I may forget my socks, I'm 82, but I will NEVER forget my Springfield .45.
She has very good taste. My home defender. Every shot comes with 1 freedom seed and a bonus flashbang.
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Nice camping trailer , nice lady , great selection of firearms brand , and a great truck. When I saw the first picture my first thought was , where is the cat. Then the picture inside the camper , there lay the cat . :)

It is great to see a lady who enjoys the great outdoors . I hope we get to hear more stories from you and see more great pictures of the area.