Bridget’s Stalker Meets Her SAINT


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Just a question, do you have a Ham license? while you might be out of cell coverage, amateur radio can get out and help sometimes when nothing else can. There may come a day when it's more than just one impaired individual. Be safe, and keep getting instruction on how to defend yourself, infact ask your instructor how he would react to the situations you had. Regarding your story of your 10mm and the mountain lion, I think your kitty sensed the mountain lion and that was the reason for her meowing, not the lion smelling him. She was trying to tell you for a long time. Be careful and stay in condition orange all the time. I enjoy your writing.
Just a thought, how about a back up camera over the door? You could use the back up lines as a means of ranging so you could shoot through the door if necessary. Not to mention one could train by just opening the door to open down range. Some form of pepper spray fogger that could be activated from inside might be interesting.

Mark Rober might be the one to contact for the pepperspray.

Or one of these:
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Nice camping trailer , nice lady , great selection of firearms brand , and a great truck. When I saw the first picture my first thought was , where is the cat. Then the picture inside the camper , there lay the cat . :)

It is great to see a lady who enjoys the great outdoors . I hope we get to hear more stories from you and see more great pictures of the area.
No on great truck it's a bad 4 letter word I never use and I do use a lot of 4 letter words! That 1 is off limits!
Bridget, take sketchy behavior seriously. My sister was murdered in 2008 by an obsessive stalker which motivated me to introduce women to self-defense firearms and become a Project Appleseed Rifle Marksmanship Instructor. In fact, attending a Project Appleseed event would make a great video feature.