CCW reciprocity and travel: Do you research it?

I check the reciprocity status for my Alabama CCW permit before any road trip. I've yet to travel by car to or through any state that didn't accept my permit. So on family trips, or business trips where I drive versus fly, I'm good so far.

I've considered going through all the hoops to check a gun in a locked case when traveling by plane, but have never gone through the effort to date. Plus, some of the places I go on business travel I may be going to companies that don't permit weapons on the premises, and I wouldn't have anywhere to leave it, since half the time these days I am using Uber or Lyft.
FYI...traveling with a gun while flying is very simple. You only need to worry about the state you are visiting. I take a gun every time I fly. You will pick it up at the security office for your airline near the baggage carousel.
While my state is now constitutional carry many businesses require a license to carry inside their place.
With LEOSA (HR-218) I am able to carry a concealed firearm in any jurisdiction in the US or US Territories. However I still have to research local gun laws from the State I am traveling to. I also have to find out the Hotel’s policy on Firearms. I’ve been to gun friendly STATES and was told firearms are not allowed In hotel I was staying in. I also have to check and see if I have a duty to inform a Officer that I am carrying on a basic Traffic stop. Most of my traveling is by Air. Have to check with Airline and TSA on their policy for traveling with a firearm. My Negrini Cases works well with every airline for me.


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I ALWAYS check. I am a USCCA member and have the app on my phone. It breaks it all down by state for me and tells me all I need to know about carrying (or not) in that state. I do my best to stay out of states that don't have reciprocity with my state.