Concealed Carry Corner: What To Do Around Police

This is a true statement. I got pulled over after work and had no gun in the vehicle BUT FORGOT to hand my CHL with my DL to the officer. After he returned to his unit within a minute I was participating (as the felon) in a felony traffic stop in a Stripes parking lot. Issue was resolved with a stern lecture (not handing my CHL) then emotions returned to normal. Three years later (2022) I was pulled over again. I handed the CHL with my DL this time and informed the officer I was armed (right side) and other guns were in the vehicle and their locations. When she returned from her unit she told me my honesty and being upfront was greatly appreciated (no ticket) and to slow down, be safe. I was traveling 85 in a 55. I will not forget to hand my CHL at any traffic stop again but also realize not every situation will be like incident #2
It's a requirement in Texas to present your CHL to an officer? Whether or not you are carrying? That seems pretty extreme.
So here's what's behind the donut story. In many towns the only place open on midnights is Dunkin Donuts. You would always see cruisers there. Most folks don't know that DD serves other things, like the best soup ever. Plus coffee and donuts. Often I met with my team there and a lot of officers would go to DD to write reports. And to drink coffee and eat donuts. DD corporate liked having officers in their stores. People would call and complain about all the cruisers at DD. So we adopted a strategy to park the cruisers around back when there were 2 or more. So it's not just the donuts. But then again, it is the donuts. That's my story and I am sticking to it.
Are there no Waffle Houses where you're at?
I see a local Sheriff from a neighboring county all the time headed to work. He lives off the main road I take to work as I come across his squad car about 2x a week.
My office is just south of the county this Sheriff is traveling to.
I rountinely drive 10 over the limit. Bugs me to no end when a road is 40mph, wide open and when your cross into the next town it goes up to 50mph . Wtf .
Anyway, this Sheriff always drives 15 mph over every posted limit in his marked cruiser. So I fall in behind him and let him lead the way. Folks always move over cause from their rearview mirror you dont know he is not that city or county cop.
Well, one morning I pull up next to him at the light. He waves and rolls down his window. Says “ you should slow down, I could call the local sheriff and have them issue a citation.”

I responded: “ you should slow down, I could call the local sheriff and have them issue a citation.” Waved, smiled and rolled up my window. 🙂

Now on the way to work, he either follows me or I follow him if we encounter each other and he always just waves. 😜
In PA. a check of a driver's license number will inform me if the person has a concealed carry permit or not. If someone is stopped in PA. there's no duty to inform however at least in my experience most law abiding citizens almost always inform me that they're carrying. And usually since I'm a gun guy and instructor a lot of times the stop turns into a conversation about guns. Just my two cents....
Last time I was stopped by a Wyoming Highway Patrol officer (61 in a 55), my Glock 19 was tucked between the driver's seat and the consol. He said "Don't touch that until we're done." Gave me a warning. Probably helps I'm a 79 year old white guy on a Wednesday afternoon.
I want to say I was told that my Kentucky CCDW is connected to my DL however I could be wrong, either way I would inform the officer if I was carrying which is all the time unless I’m driving to work.
That being said I haven’t been pulled over since I was in my late 20’s.
Now that I’ve said that I’m probably toast.

I will say after riding motorcycles for close to 40 years I don’t keep my wallet in my back right pocket so I don’t have to dig for it near my holstered gun which is uncovered in the truck.
Every police officer and state trooper I know (which is a lot) tells me that if I’m pulled over to hand over my CCL and drivers license with the CCL on top and wait for the officer to respond. The only time there will be problem is if I don’t get my credentials out before the officer is at my window and I have to reach past my firearm to get my license out of my back pocket. In that instance they’ve all told me to inform the officer that I’m licensed to carry (which in Illinois they already know), where my firearm is and tell them I have to reach past it to get my wallet then ask “How would you like me to proceed?” As they’ve all said the officer will most likely tell me to just pull out the wallet and not to be surprised if the officer has their hand on their firearm (not drawn) or they ask me to step out of the vehicle. They’ve also told me that my habit of rolling down all my windows and turning on interior lights goes a long way and I used to turn my car off but if I have my son in the car I’m not doing that. Yes the majority of my LEO friends and family have been in the car with me when I was pulled over because I’m my youth I drove like a lunatic idiot and turning the car off after the windows were down was to avoid tickets for tint and loud exhaust.
Be polite, do what your told, fight about it later. If the cop is being a J.A. remember revenge is best served cold. File a complaint and keep pushing until you're satisfied.
"They’ve also told me that my habit of rolling down all my windows and turning on interior lights goes a long way"
THIS! Then I thought that was just common curtesy.


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I don't tell then anything when I'm pulled over. It's not their business and has nothing to do with a light being out or going 5 mph over the speed limit.

They have seen that I had a CPP before the approach and immediately asked of I was armed in the past, and then preceeded to have me step out of the car, take my firearm, take it back to their cruiser out of my sight to run the serial, and then return an unloaded gun, mags, and a handful of loose ammo while other cars and pedestrians are going by. Then I'm told not to reload until after they drive off. Has happened at least 3 times over the years.

Now I don't tell them anything, and I have my papers ready before they even get to my window. It's none of their business, there's no way they'd know unless I told them as it's a simple traffic stop and not a felony stop, there's no duty to inform in my state. I do not believe there's any criminal penalties or threat to my permit if I do NOT inform L.E. if asked. They have access to my criminal and driving record, and can see that I am legally allowed to carry. There's no need for them to worry about their safety.
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This week, it’s all about interacting with police in various situations depending on what part of the country you live in. Let’s take a closer look at what to do around police if you happened to get pulled over or stopped by police with a concealed handgun on your body.

Concealed Carry Corner: What To Do Around Police

Oregon cross references your drivers license with your concealed permit, so in most cases when pulled over they run your plate, get the owner and if you look like you could be the owner they have an idea that you could be carrying when they walk up. I've had them make a comment that they think I might be carrying, I hand over my license & permit, indicate my 1911 is at 4 o'clock, cocked and locked, and after checking that I am not a habitual speed with a raft of tickets, they have always said, thank you very much, be on your way, and go a little slower. I think they appreciate my honesty and concern for their safety and alleviating any tension.