Concealed Carry in a Fanny Pack — Good CCW Idea or Not?

Those things are way larger than what they look like in the ads. Bought one for the old man. Ended up sending it back.
they must've changed it because, the one I have for a sub compact. it is about the size a small ipad (5x7) and about an inch thick. perfect for my needs when I am out and about.
The only place I use a fanny pack is at the gym. I use the $6 Ozark Trail fanny pack. It has my exercise plan in it it has my earbuds in it and people see me take those things out of it and put them back in it. I carry a Ruger LC9 a spare magazine a Victorinox climber and a flashlight in it.

I also carry a can of OC in my pockets and I'm more likely to reach for that than the gun at least initially.