Curious...How many of you "Double up" regularly?

Off duty I carry 1 gun but always have at least 1 or more knife on me. In addition to extensive firearms training I am also well versed with knives due to the martial arts. But on duty I have my duty weapon also a backup weapon on my ankle a nd a few knives and in my patrol car I have an M-4 and a shotgun as well...Just my two cents worth....
Well, we avoid them too, but daughter lives down near Detroit and wife has several Dr's down there.

My wife used to carry but does so much less these days. With her arthritis, CHF, and two torn hamstrings her clothing is of the very light and ease to dress variety, with draw strings or elastic. So I carry for her when deem it needed.
That's very thoughtful of you. My wife always has her big purse with a hidden gun pocket.
That's very thoughtful of you. My wife always has her big purse with a hidden gun pocket.
Even her purse has been effected. The one she carries today is less than half the size and has no room for a handgun unless she keft quite a bit out. Sometimes unfortunately, things change beyond our control. Me carrying when its needed is the best option. She can carry in her coat picket in cool weather and has, but in warmer weather it's me.

A lot has changed in the past 11 years.
I'll "double up" if I'm driving outside of town in rural South Texas by the border. The main reason for this is that rattle snakes can be a problem so can packs of wild dogs. In addition to a high capacity 9 mm(and spare 20 round or higher capacity magazine) I carry a S&W 638 snubby loaded with 38 special snake shot (and 2 speed loaders).

My 638 is one of the handiest handguns I've ever owned because it's easy to shoot(I put larger Hogue grips on it). I like that I can load 2 or 3 rounds of snake shot and 2 or 3 rounds of hollow points. It's a very light firearm that I've killed aggressive snakes with and also used to get a pack of wild dogs to move on.

Awareness and preparedness are always better than having to react because you were distracted by a cellphone. I pick my times when to access my cellphone and it ain't while I'm driving or stopped at a red light.

As much as I like rifles (I'd still like to get a bolt action in 6.5 Creedmoor) handguns are much easier for my almost 65 year old body.

I don't go to bigger cities very often and when I do, I gas up in small towns at least 30 miles away so I don't have to stop for gas or supplies in the bigger towns. I get in and out of the big city and get back to the smaller towns. I also try to schedule my arrival and departure before or after rush hour and before it gets too dark.

I used to take long motorcycle trips across the country so I'm used to packing efficiently and planning my route and gas/meal/restroom stops.

As a "martial arts" guy I always have a knife on me when I leave the house. I prefer fixed blade Karambits with blades that aren't too curved. I've been known to carry a small neck knife in the summer that's easy to access with either hand in addition to the 638 snubby(and other gear).
Always at least a handgun, extra ammo (Mag), and a knife. Generally, a carbine with a grab bag is in the vehicle, like when I was working.