Cursing and other mortal sins

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We’re going to stop right here. It’s been fun goofing around but let’s not forget the overarching idea, we’re trying to keep the Forum family friendly. Full stop right here. The spirit of the rule.

Everything beyond this is just trying to explain what spirit of the rule means.

Here’s some examples:

🤬 is ok to use to replace an entire curse word or phrase, not as a replacement for each letter or part.

🖕is not ok.

*** **** is not ok.
****’er is not ok.

“You’re a piece of 💩”, not going to fly. Especially because it violates other rules like Name Calling and Fighting with other members. “I feel like 💩” probably not going to get taken down.

These are examples, not loopholes for you to find ways around, not the only ones we’re watching for, and not the only one (🤬) that’s ok to use. Follow the spirit of the rule and you’ll be fine. That’s why I didn’t lock the message from the start, so we could get a feel for what’s going on, together.

As always, just because we don’t catch something in one post, doesn’t make that ok to use in other posts.

I/we will NOT be going backwards to retroactively ding people or remove comments. Unless, of course, it’s an egregious violation of the rules. In that case it’s up to the mods if it qualifies for a warning or just deleting it.
Not open for further replies.