Did you purchase a firearm last year?


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I just read a recent NRA article that Americans purchased 13.9 million firearms in 2019 based off of an NCIS background formula used. Did you purchase a firearm and if so was it a rifle, shotgun, pistol, revolver or other? There has been such a recent influx of great firearms in the recent past, I bought 4 pistols last year. (I have never bought that many in a year) Still married and not even living in the dog house.
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I know I bought a couple, but sometimes I forget that I bought them. I have every intention on shooting them, then I end up putting them up because I'm not able to shoot them right away. I did buy a Springfield Super Match. XDM 3.8 and a M1 garand with a serial number in the 29xxx. Every once in a while I pull the guns out to clean them and find a new one that I forgot I bought.
Hmm, let’s see if I helped out the gun industry, Guns Shows and Gun stores (to say nothing of the economy). I’m not married jmcd, (I don’t think I’d be, if I was, after this 2019 buying spree).

From Gun Shows:
Steyr Mannlicher M95; Model 1938 Turkish Mauser; 300 Blackout pistol; AR15 lower receiver; Yugo 8mm Mauser; Romanian SKS; Russian Tula Hex barrel Dragoon M31/90 Mosin Nagant; K98 German Mauser

From local gun stores and online:
Model 1891 Argentine Mauser – carbine; 9mm AR upper; 350 Legend upper; Chi Com SKS; Beretta 92A1 (used); Polish M44 Mosin Nagant; ATI GSG MP40P(semi auto version of the German SMG MP40 used during WWII); Belgium FN Browning Hi Power (w/aluminum frame, steel rails, Belgium Police trade in); Beretta M9A3; SA Hellcat; SA XDe .45 (gear up promo); CZ USA EVO3 2.0 Scorpion Micro
Yes ! I purchased A Springfield Armory "Saint" AR-15 pistol. Put a red dot sight on it .It's much different then any firearm I have previously owned, Spent a few weeks taking apart putting together & then to the range. zeroed in at 50 yards.This is my home security firearm.I really like this firearm.Got 6 30 round magazines & a ton of ammo. "Good to go"
I just picked 6 as a number.But "Yes" you can never have to many.They don't cost much.I use to use only Rugers in my mini 14 and they were like $50.00 each.Also,the way things are going.who knows if 30 round mags will be available.It seems soon we will all be felons.I think its best to get it while you can.A lot could happen,depending on the election outcome this November.I don't think "Any" state is safe
I took advantage of the Ruger 20% discount and picked up 4 of the 300 BO mags to go along with the 3 mags that came with the SR. This is my first rifle, so it's a start.
I have the SR-556 TD as well georgiajeeper. I jumped on their web site and grabbed the 300 BO barrel to go along with the 5.56 that came with it. Sweet.