DIY Gun Painting: Rattle Can That Rifle!

Just a few rattle can projects and 1 @KillerFord1977 shot about 3 years after spraying.


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The DE in 50ae sniper gray (44mag didn't get sprayed). Savage110 stealth 338LM (sniper gray as all parts were in black originally) (will not paint bolt). AR-10 chambered in M118 CBI 22" in ODG. All parts painted were degreased and final denatured alcohol used as final prep. Everything painted were done individually (not as assembled when painted). Only trigger shoe painted, not entire assembly. Used a heat gun between thin coats for drying. It has withstood all chemicals used so far. True it isn't as good as ceracote, but does a good job when all oils/grease is removed.
I have been impressed by some of the rattle-can jobs I've seen, but I can't quite bring myself to do it to any of my guns. With my luck, I'd spraypaint something that later became highly collectible and wind up looking like those guys who completely Bubba-Up vintage battle rifles.

The way I look at it is that I wouldn't have bought the gun in the first place if I hated how it looked. I always get a kick out of seeing old photos of friends from decades ago when they were sure that their haircut and wardrobe were perfectly normal. I'd probably enjoy seeing my kids pull something out of my safe 30 years from now and wonder why companies ever sold guns that looked like that (or why we bought them).