F-22 Raptor: Was It Too Ahead of Its Time?

Silly title.

No it wasn't and still isn't.

The US has suffered under politicians & SODs over the lst30 years that can't see beyond election year time cycles, and think thigs won't change beyond their terms.

Plus they glom on to programs like the LCS & Zumwalt fiascos that have wasted tons of $$.

And the F-35 program has sucked $$ away from upgrades to the F-22, which they're trying to catch up on now with needed upgrades.

The NGAD won't be available in numbers to replace the F-22 for 20 yrs.

My .02
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I would lean towards perfecting "Magnetic Propulsion".
I know Meg-Lift technologies has been perfected many years ago.

Aim for the future.
I know they been working "Magnetic Propulsion" for aircraft for years. Once perfected, light years ahead of jet propulsion. You would not need wings any longer either.
This airplane was stationed here when they first came out. The airplane always seemed to be grounded for many problems with the oxygen system being very problematic. They finally transferred them to Langley AFB and Elmendorf AFB. Since they are not here I do not know if they still are having issues with them. Being a former Crew Chief on several fighter weapon systems I know the crew chiefs and maintainers used to have fits with this airframe. Maybe the problems have been worked out
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I love it when they rattle the windows
That was another reason they left here. They were constantly doing sonic booms and had 100's of complaints from residents. Farmers and ranchers also said the animals were losing offspring because noise was affecting them.
The F-22 was made to kill from a distance & high altitudes w/o being seen/detected, but when an exercise brings everyone in close for a fur ball then a HMD (they're working on one for the F-22) & an AIM-9X evens the playing field.

Plus, the tactics the F-22 would use if they had to engage closer would be a high-speed slashing attack from a blind spot.