Federal Syntech 9mm and the Prodigy: The Ultimate Hog Hunting Combo?

Not sure I want to trust the 9mm to stop a mad boar charging me, but if it floats your boat ok.

Can it perform, sure the article shows that, csn it under perform with maybe gnarly results, yes I think that's just as likely in my mind.
This … 260lb boar head on and a 9mm round, and even a .45 for that matter, will skip right off their sloped forehead.
Ask me how I know how 😬

9mm is not an “ultimate” hog hunting combo. Poor title.
How about a good combo
You do you, but me? I’ll stick with my .44 Mag. Large tough animals are not what the 9 was made for. (Yea,I know “parabellum” for war, and yea I know some have supposedly taken large bears with one.). If it’s a large dangerous critter I want a lot more horsepower on tap. My gun for pigs is an 1894 Marlin😏
I would prefer a 10mm if using a pistol and not a rifle.

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