Field Shooting Tips: Becoming a Better Rifleman

I always stood by the principal of the circle. If I am teaching someone I start with the ability to defend your personal space. Focus only on things within that space. Be totally aware of everything within that space. When you get proficient at that, expand your circle. Once you get to where you can defend out to about 25-40 yards, it is time to pick up a carbine. Once you get proficient at that out to about 75-100 yards, it;s time to pick up a small rifle and get out to 150-200 yards.
By learning this way, you naturally develop a sense for wind and the surroundings within the circle. You start to notice the lay of the land a spots of more dense trees that will affect wind.
I agree that to become proficient in all distances one must challenge themselves to many positions. One drill that works well is to fire two from the standing, reload fire two from the knee, reload and fire two from the prone position. I also suggest in such a drill that if you do not have a shooting buddy who is observant and honest, to film yourself doing such a drill. That way you can go back and watch different sessions and refine yourself in your stance and positions. Consistency is the key to accuracy and being able to reload, your stance, your ability to kneel and drop to the prone position and get on target fast and accurate after each change of position, are the things that help provide the consistency.
This drill should be performed with all firearms, not just rifles, because in a defensive situation, you just might find yourself in a position that kneeling behind something or even shooting from the prone (or laying on your side) position with a handgun is the best tactic. More often than not in many situations. We did away with lining up and exchanging fire during the revolution.
Happy shooting!!
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