Fighting from Prone

Injury is a very strong reason why prone training can be important

What Follows is an excerpt of a book I read recently, been reading more again since retiring, called Gun Digest Book of Survival Guns by Scott Wagner I thought interesting on this subject.

"Anyone out there think they don’t need long-distance handgun competency? Listen to this. I have a friend, Brandon Moore, who was a deputy at the nearby Morrow County Sheriff’s Office. He was ambushed by a marijuana grower who began shooting him with a 5.56mm AR-15 from around 70 yards. Brandon, working plainclothes but wearing soft body armor and carrying a full-size Smith & Wesson M&P .40 with two spare magazines, was shot through the thigh and scrotum. The AR rounds blew out part of his testicles, then passed through the left leg, blowing away a chunk of tibia and causing that leg to be permanently shorter than the right. A final round from the pot grower penetrated the armor, slowing down, but taking out his spleen and collapsing a lung before its travel stopped. Severely wounded, Brandon couldn’t make it back into his car to retrieve his AR, so he went to war with his M&P. In a rollover prone position with the gun in his right hand, and while clutching his scrotum with his left, Brandon returned fire, with multiple rounds and reloads, from a laser-measured distance of 64 yards, across a span of time that went at least 10 minutes. I was guarding Moore’s assailant when the doctor came in to deliver the news of the guy’s condition. Brandon’s .40-caliber rounds had struck the shooter twice in the soft armor he was wearing, causing severe bruising, while the rest of the rounds had shattered the man’s right heel and totally pulverized eight inches of tibial bone in the same leg. His right foot was being held to the rest of his leg by some remaining flesh and a stainless steel rod. The assailant was forbidden to put any weight on his right foot until the doctors could figure out what they were going to do to permanently fix it; the rod was merely keeping the foot from flopping around. Whatever they figured out, the shooter was destined to be indisposed for a long time. Brandon, one of the most courageous men I have ever met, required multiple surgeries but returned to the job before eventually retiring. Recently, I taught an extended-range handgun class, with shots fired out to 100 yards, with Brandon’s assistance. The class, Brandon included, fired the “Brandon Moore Drill” from the same distance as had been measured in the actual firefight, and in the same position, including holding their crotches. Brandon beat everyone and agreed that it was much easier to do when you aren’t bleeding out. In any event, the lesson here is that the handgun can be effective at long range is one important to understand, and being capable with a handgun at extended distances is a skill set you should be ready to use should the need arise. Handguns for survival use in societal disorder situations have the same basic requirements that rifles and shotguns do. The characteristics of reliability, ruggedness, portability, simplicity, effectiveness, and sustainability are
A Richardson, Texas police shooting years ago, the suspect laid prone at the end of his hall of his apartment and shot a few officers upon their entry .
All the police in the apt shot over his head as they didn't know/realize he was prone. Took SWAT with a shield to extract the officers
Suspect had them in a fatal funnel while prone. Was not a good scene for the officers