Finally got my CCL.


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Nice! Welcome to the fold. I recommend getting a holster with a wing or claw (same thing). And watch for lead times. Many are a month+.



I have carried a pistol every day for 53 years. OMG, can it be that long? I have owned countless holsters-when we itemized deductions there were at least 3-4 holsters on the form every year. I do not care for IWB holsters but that is a matter of personal preference. Of all the holsters I have owned, Tucker Gunleather is the best leather, and the Blackpoint Tactical Leather Wing is the best kydex I have carried. Some Blackpoint Tactical holsters are available on Amazon. On Point holsters is also a good kydex holster, from a small veteran owned business. Good luck in your search. And train with whatever you choose.


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Crossbreed, MTR Leather, Exarchy Holsters, Versa Carry, 1791, We the People (both kydex and leather), Bravo Concealment, Crucial Concealment, DeSantis are some of the brands I own and still searching.

Crossbreed, MTR Leather are my favorite all day IWB
Bravo Concealment and We the People Independence Leather favorite all day OWB

Buy plenty of storage boxes 🤣
BTW congrats on the license


Hi @Wirenut,

Congratulations on being able to carry more tools to protect yourself and your loved ones. Yes, holsters are very trial-and-error but you'll find what works best for you even if it takes a few tries. 😉

I have only one suggestion, muzzle pads for your kydex IWB. It makes a big difference in comfort.

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Congratulations, if it takes a while to feel comfortable and less self conscious that's pretty normal. I have heard it Said that concealed carry should be comforting not always comfortable. But with a good belt and the right holster there is no reason it cannot be both.

I like Black Hills leather products as a first choice. Due to long wait times the past few years I have tried a new brand Stoner, and been very pleased with the holsters, low price and short wait times for a handmade product.

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Did the belt loops come like that or did you open them up?

I always end up opening up the belt loops on the holsters I get because of the belt I use, if I don’t I find it pinches the holster closed around the gun and doesn’t allow for a clean draw.
Not that I have issues with belt loops, but my Alien Gear IWB... Some of those are just impossible for me to get a clean draw. Same belt, similar tension, no issues with my IWB Kydex.