First Look: Model 2020 Rimfire Series

Once these two models get in the hands of folks on the Rimfire Central forum we'll get some user feedback vs. just press releases & You Tube vids.
Springfield needs to stop releasing guns that I need! Although I'm disappointed the walnut version doesn't have the threaded barrel... that seems like a miss, to me.
Once these two models get in the hands of folks on the Rimfire Central forum we'll get some user feedback vs. just press releases & You Tube vids.
A couple of shooting reviews have already showed up there. So far, from what I've read, my money is safe. ;)
The reviewer claimed to be getting groups as small as 0.5 MOA - at 50 yards, that's right around a quarter inch. He was only shooting 3 round groups rather than the usual 5 round groups, but . . . I'm skeptical. Especially since the only ammo brand he mentioned was Remington. MAYBE he shot a lot and got lucky once and three consecutive rounds gave a good group, but statistical anomalies aren't representative.
PSA makes/developes more of their own major products vs. just importing parts. But also, sell firearms made by other manufacturers.

Classic Firearms is a retail vendor, that likely retails various foreign firearms from importer/distributors, and doesn't make any of their own stuff.

SA appears to just make their 1911s and M1As in-house & with sourced parts. assembles their AR lines from sourced parts, and rounds out their product line by marketing imported firearms with under their brand-name.

My .02
Tell it like it is . People that make comments about firearms that are made in other countries than the United States don't really know alot about weapons.
I'm impressed so far. If they're accurate, they could give the CZ rifles a run for their money.

I have a bunch of .22 bolt actions already, but if they come out with a heavy 24" barreled, walnut-stocked version, I'll have to start saving up my nickels. Or maybe sell my Ruger 77/22V.
Look on You Tube to see the reports on Accuracy, but don't hold your breath for even an inch at 50 yards very often. Seasoned shooters on you tube shooting 1 and a 1/2 inch at 50 yards tells me to stay away. Any decent .22 will shoot 1/2 inch at fifty yards. The action might be worth rebarreling, but even that remains to be seen.
Or maybe sell my Ruger 77/22V.

My Ruger M77/22VBZ Target Grey is very accurate.


I would never get rid of it for an unproven .22lr.
I bought the satin model. I do not have any buyers remorse on this rifle. This rifle is a smooth shooter. For my intents and purposes for this rifle, it will serve me very well. Complain about it being made in Turkey all you want but this rifle is a joy to shoot and is accurate enough to do what I need it to do and that is varmint control around the house, rabbit and squirrel hunting.
I checked the satin version out at a LGS today. While a little fat in the stocks' receiver area due to the 10/22 mag it seemed solid & OK. $445.

No interest in one since I have my 77/22 VBZ, and CZ452/455s, plus 10/22s I've built.

Here are my first impressions of my new Springfield Armory 2020 in .22.

I took it to the range today to break in the barrel and test several different types of ammo. I was looking for this rifle to be a recommendation to my Louisiana 4-H kids for use in CMP .22 and NRA Smallbore Silhouettes. Unfortunately, it fell short in some critical areas.

1.) Accuracy - This Rifle was tested with the following ammo at standard ranges of 50 Meters & 100 meters.
5 round groups for both distances.
Lapua - Midas
Lapua - Center X
SK - Match
SK - Standard
Eley Tenex
Eley Match
Eley Club
Eley Edge
CCI Mini Mag
The results were disappointing with too many flyers in all groups, and at 100 meters the groups we way over 1 inch.
The best performers were: SK - Match, Eley Match, Eley Club....and Midas with 3 rounds touching and 2 wide flyers.

I know the guarantee is 1 inch at 50 yards, but just about every other other bolt action out there can do .5 inch at 50 yards. We look for affordable rifles for youth shooters that can deliver good accuracy with slight modifications to triggers and fitting the rifle to the shooter.

This rifle attracted me because of the price point $400, the Rem. 700 trigger compatibility, and the use of the Ruger magazine....every kid shoots the Ruger 10/22 and has lots of these magazines.

2.) The 2020 fails in this area horribly. I was only provided with 1 SFA (Springfield Arms) 10/22 magazine instead of 2.
Not to worry, I have lots of 10/22 magazines to use....all of them WILL NOT work in this rifle. It seems like the SFA magazine is designed slightly different to actually raise the bullet slightly higher and allows for proper feeding. Standard 10/22 magazines sits slightly lower causing the bullet nose to shoot at a higher angle in the chamber causing the casing to bend in half when you bring run the bolt forward.
This is the show stopper here unless Tandemkross or someone else (SFA) comes up with a fix.

My next actions for this rifle are: New Trigger, glass bed the stock, and not sure about the magazine situation.
If these actions don't improve accuracy, then the only other thing is to add a barrel tuner which is illegal to use for CMP and NRA Silhouettes.

Stay tuned.