Fixing Your Firing Grip After an Injury

I'm a left handed shooter (used to be) until I broke a wrist bone that hasn't healed properly. 35 years later even with these exercises (do and did them when I can/could) I've had no luck on regaining shooting use with even mild recoiling pistols. Rifles isn't an issue with left handed shooting in any position. Doesn't work for me, but it might for someone else?
Speaking from personal experience on this, in 2007 had surgery done on my right hand which is my shooting hand, torn tendons and reattached a ligiment, 6 weeks of therapy after it. Took me about a month to recover enough and learn how to hold a gun again in my hand, to this day I still have some issues with certain guns. Very good article Mike, thanks!
Although I wasn’t involved in the shooting sports when I started working for Marlin firearms in 1995 and it wasn’t until I was in my 3rd year (2013) working for Mossberg that I started buying handguns my chances of using my right hand for most activates let alone operating a handgun almost came to an end when I was cleaning a machine in 2001 working for Marlin.
In a laps of concentrating on what I was doing the fingers of my right hand got to close to cutters spinning at 22,000 rpm, and although I only ended up with about 30 stitches to repair the skin on my thumb, index and middle finger I came very close to loosing all 3.
Very lucky indeed.
Fast forward to 2022 and not an issue with my hands I’m in my 8th week following left shoulder replacement and still working hard on my range of motion of my left arm. I’ve been given permission to start shooting this coming weekend and I work multiple times every day on my draw (right hand)
Then bringing my left arm up at full extension to bring my support hand into play on a positive presentation.