Going Armageddon with the M1A


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The Springfield Armory M1A could turn me in to a competition target shooter.

I would buy an M1A with an 18.5" barrel chambered for .308 Win and a 5-round mag if it came in at under 7 pounds. Based upon my experiences chasing big game up-and-down high ridges of the Rockies while carrying heavy rifles, it would be the ultimate North American big game rifle.

BTW, the .308 Win, besides having a proven big game track record, is an anomaly cartridge. Carbine-length barrels do not affect its velocity to a significant degree.

Eddy Stone

The Springfield Armory M1A is indeed a classic rifle that doesn't need to make any excuses. In 7.62x51 it's a little harder on brass for reloaders but has been used consistently for decades at Camp Perry to make bullseyes at 1K yards. What else could you need?