Guns you sold

Belt Fed

What are some you sold and wish you hadn't.

These just popped into my head, there are others i will post when i think about them

Satin Ruger Redhawk 44 mag with scope

Satin MK2 bull barrel with scope

PPS 50 22 lr

Madsen clamshell

Armi Jaeger AP-74 commando

American 180

Ruger super Blackhawk 44 mag
I honestly can’t keep track of how many guns I’ve sold/traded over the years, but I’m sure it’s well into triple digits…but of all of them, there’s only 1 that I ended buying another.

My very first rifle that I bought, a Remington Nylon 77,. I traded it for a Marlin 25 back when I was 15 or so. Replaced it with a 10C a few years ago—and yes, I still have the 25.

Other than that…there’s a few that I kinda wish I hadn’t gotten rid of, but at the same time, I don’t need to replace them, either, so…I don’t miss them all that much.


My first purchase, a S&W model 10 with pencil barrel.

After thinking about this topic. I'd have to say, besides numerous trap shotguns I thought would always be around. I'd say it was a Ruger blackhawk in 30 carbine. These things were everywhere for 300,350. Well now if one surfaces they are a K spot or more.


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Ruger Security - Six .357 magnum ( my first handgun ) , Ruger Mini-14 I bought in early 1980 , many complain about the accuracy of the first minies but I made head shots on groundhogs at 100 yards with open sights . Yes I was much younger then . Really miss my Colt Combat Commander in .45 ACP most of all.

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