Handgun Compensators- Do they really affect Flip and Recoil?

So, when you clean it you have to remove the Comp. Do you think it wears out the gripping of the barrel or is damaging and do you use lock tight? Not sure how this one attaches, some have a screw then a sleeve like balancing pressure and some are direct screw into barrel for grip... Thank you!!

I checked Springer and they have a great video explaining my questions. Locktight, clean with Comp attached and no screw locking the Comp.
I’d much rather use a lock screw than loctite.
I have loctite on mine and it has never moved. It’s in a perfect spot after probably well over 1000rds of 10mm. Springer designed it to thread with the SA barrel and align just right. No set screw either. Set screws tend to loosen and wobble in my experience. No failures when cycling no problems at all. So far. Hope I did not just jinx myself. 😉
Loc-Tite tastes great and is less filling.
I’ve got a P365 with a built in comp and the difference is pretty noticeable. The typical snappiness is gone. I’ve also got a TX22 Competition with a comp on it and it’s laughable to watch someone shoot it because it doesn’t move.
I used to think that a compensator wouldn't do anything on a 9mm pistol. But I ate my words after mounting a Faxon EXOS on my Legion X-Carry. The difference was undeniable - the muzzle barely rises at all, even with normal pressure ammo, and follow up shots are faster. Recoil is also mitigated some, although this pistol, with the TXG grip module, never had much felt recoil to begin with. The bigger benefit is definitely with muzzle rise.
I’d much rather use a lock screw than loctite.
blue, green or purple is fine, but red for pistol comps/brakes wouldn't be advised. Even the use of red on ar brakes can unscrew the barrel extension. Well, there goes the headspace! When the location pin is installed I initially thought it went into the threads, but found out it didn't go that deep.