High Tech Gun Safes for 2021

I thought that they all looked good. I also thought that they all looked expensive. What about putting the prices on the equipment that you write about? Some of the things that I've seen written about in these articles are given to the writer(s) for testing, and possibly keeping. It would be nice to have the prices so that we know what we can afford, even though we are responsible for our firearms and their safe storage.
They're cool, but the truck is only place I'd use something this size, and I'm not sure i want to trust electronics that sit in my truck on 120F days for months on end, where it gets up to 140F+ inside at times.

I'm perfectly happy using snapsafe mechanical locking boxes in my truck. I just got a larger one, as my old one just won't close with the red and 13 round mag installed on my hellcat. Just installed one for my sister in her Tesla model X as well.